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OUD & MUSK Oil Perfume

OUD & MUSK Oil Perfume

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Introducing Zaiya's Musk – your go-to for an enchanting scent experience that's both light and sweet or bold and intense, depending on your mood.

Please read carefully, there are two option so make sure to select the right one based on your preference. 

Our first musk option (gold cap) is a delicate dance of floral sweetness, perfect for those who prefer a subtle, alluring fragrance. Meanwhile, the second variant (Black cap) cranks up the volume with a concentrated blend of oud oil, adding a powerful kick to the sweet and floral notes.

Encased in a handy 10 ml roll-on bottle, Zaiya's Musk is designed for on-the-go luxury. Apply it to your pulse points – the neck, wrist, or behind the ear – for a personal touch. Feeling a bit bolder? Roll it onto your clothes; there's no need to worry about oil stains on darker fabrics. And yes, despite being an oil perfume, you can even roll it onto your palms and smooth it onto your clothes for a lasting impression.

Zaiya's Musk is all about making a little go a long way. With a thoughtful blend of musk and oud oil, this fragrance promises a unique and memorable experience.

Before fully committing, we recommend a small patch test on your skin to ensure no surprise allergies. Elevate your scent game with Zaiya's Musk – sophistication meets everyday indulgence.

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