About Us

OUD AL SALAM: Where Fragrance Becomes a Cultural Connection

Welcome to OUD AL SALAM, a sanctuary of fragrance where the rich tapestry of Chad and Sudanese heritage is woven into each bottle. Founded by Darsalam Amir, our journey is one of passion, tradition, and the celebration of our roots.

Darsalam's story begins in the heart of a vibrant community where perfume and incense are more than scents; they are a celebration of life itself. Raised in an environment where weekends were dedicated to the artistry of crafting perfumes, Darsalam was captivated by the joy and camaraderie these sessions brought. This tradition, rich in history and heart, was the seed from which OUD AL SALAM blossomed.

In 2020, driven by a vision to share this cherished craft with the world, Darsalam founded OUD AL SALAM. Our mission is clear: to deliver high-quality, nature-based fragrance products that not only enchant and captivate but also advocate for sustainability and cultural appreciation. We are dedicated to bringing the exquisite scents of Chad and Sudan to a global audience, allowing the essence of our heritage to kindle memories and foster appreciation for the beauty of diversity.

At OUD AL SALAM, we are more than creators of fragrance. We are custodians of a legacy, committed to preserving the environment and honoring the rich cultural tapestry from which we came. Join us on this fragrant journey, and let the scents of our heritage connect you to the roots of the earth and the heart of our story.


CEO Darsalam